Marietta Company Seniority Proposal Explained

Brothers and Sisters,


The Company is proposing a major change to our Seniority article. Here is the explanation of their proposal so everyone has a full understanding of the impact that this change will bring if it is voted in.


  1. All New Hire Employees will be placed on a Six (6) month probationary period. During this period, they will not be allowed to file grievances for any reason. Probationary employees are not eligible for upgrade. Employees on probation will not be eligible for insurance for 6 months until they complete probationary period. That’s 90 more days without insurance…
  2. All Bargaining Unit Employees will not have recall rights to any classification they have not held for a minimum of six (6) months. This is for ALL employees.
  3. They are removing the Functional line Placement for all employees. If you have not held it for 180 days your record reflects you never held it and therefore don’t have rights to it.
  4. If you promote to a new job, you will not be allowed to apply for another job until you have held that job for two (2) years.
  5. You will only be able to apply for 2 upgrade request, currently its four (4).
  6. You can only apply for upgrade request once a year from October 1 to October 15. The Qualified list will be zero’d out (deleted) every year in October after the initial list is populated. Therefore, if you did not receive one of the upgrades you put in for, you will be removed from the list the following October and have to reapply during the October 1 to October 15 application period. If it sounds crazy and unreasonable, it is.
  7. Employees that transfer to a salary position will continue to accumulate seniority.
  8. The Company will be able to layoff outside of seniority based on “Special Skills” that the Company has yet to identify. Basically, if they like a person better than another for any reason they can lay you off and keep them regardless of how much seniority you or they hold.
  9. The Company can retain Part-time workers and lay you off regardless of seniority.
  10. They can promote employees regardless of seniority based on “Special Skills” as determined by the Company.
  11. They can recall outside of seniority based on “Special Skills” as determined by the Company.
  12. Recall Rights (both classification and layoff) will be reduced from Ninety (90) months to twelve (12) months.
  13. If an employee turns down a recall they lose all rights to any job lateral or lower to the recall they turned down.
  14. All inspection jobs are considered “Open Hire” positions. This means that if you apply for an inspection job, you will be competing with outside applicants. The Company will have Sole Discretion on who is qualified and who gets promoted.
  15. All Jobs Labor Grade 15-18 will be considered “Open Hire” positions. This means like the Inspection jobs that the Company will have Sole Discretion on who gets the job and who gets promoted.
  16. Employees will only be allowed to apply for jobs in their “Job family”. See prior post “Marietta People Movement” for additional Company proposed Job Family upgrade procedures.
  17. The Company can retain or move employees from shift to shift regardless of seniority in cases of “Special Skills” as determined by the Company.
  18. They are proposing a 60-day Transfer / Loan period plus an additional 60 period if required. Our current contract allows 30 days and an additional 30 if required.

  Here is a copy of the Company’s proposed Seniority Article:  Click Here ->Comp_#19_Seniority